With a lot of questions still coming in regarding 2018 tax reform, it is still smart to take a look at your 2017 taxes and make sure you fully deduct all of your expenses

Here is a list of items you may not have known to be tax deductible:


Treatment of Alcohol

Cost of Bandages

Birth Control Pill prescribed by a doctor

Electronic body scan


Breast Pump Supplies


Contact lenses and all the supplies for using such as saline solution


Dental cleaning

Eye Exams

Hearing aids


Insurance premiums out of pocket

Legal fees paid to authorize treatment for mental illnesses

Stop smoking programs

Hearing Impairment equipment


Weight loss programs

Dancing lessons if they are for improvement of general health



There are a host of other potential deductions that you may be missing out on so please speak to a tax professional, so you don’t leave money on the table!